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“I chanced upon INFT (powered by Cash in Asia) through Facebook in my search for a financing solution for my business. In today’s economic environment obtaining a flexible and competitive Credit Line product for my business to solve my short term needs does help me a lot. The entire onboarding process was easy and I was able to get approved within 24 hours. In short, INFT (powered by Cash in Asia was fast, reliable, and professional”
-Jeremy Chia
Director, Framewerkz Pte. Ltd.
“I believe every business owner will experience cashflow issues at any one point for their working capital. With INFT (powered by Cash in Asia), I found their system easy to use and interactive. I can get funds by choosing between their different product to see which product is more suited to my business needs at that point in time. Everything can be done simply and easily with a few touches on my mobile phone.”
-Mr Harry
Director, Pet services

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