Digital Business Account

One account to run your business

We’re committed to making financial transactions seamless and hassle-free. With an INFT Multi-Currency Digital Business Account, you’re able to transfer money free locally, internationally at the cheapest rates, and transact on Visa, from wherever you are and manage team expenses - all within one central platform.

Digital Business

Introducing our new USD Virtual Account. Make payments without annoying form-filling and gain real time access to your transaction history. Best of all, USD Virtual Account's dynamic exchange rate feed to convert one bank's daily rates into another currency – giving you full control of your exchange rate and saving you money on your foreign payments!

How INFT helps SMEs

Solving entrepreneurs' challenges with a suite of solutions designed to meet every business need.

No minimum deposit or balance needed
Unlike traditional banks or financial institutions, you won’t require a minimum deposit or balance to sign up for our account.
Zero monthly fees
Completely free, our 100% digital solution is packed with a complete suite of business solutions to help grow your business from anywhere.
24/7 customer support through the platform chat
Our 24/7 customer support chat is available via the platform to offer round-the-clock support should you have any concerns or enquiries.

​​​Additionally, provides features to optimise your cash flow

International money transfer

Send money across the globe to over 180 countries. Saving you up to 8x more than traditional bank rates.

Visa Business Card

Make transactions globally with up to 6x FX savings, top up and pay with ease, and access special Visa offers.

Spend and Team Management

Control and manage your team from one dashboard. Save up to 60% on your business cost.

Unlimited Cash Rebate

Enjoy 0.5% UNCAPPED CASH REBATE on all eligible business spending when you spend with INFT'S Visa Business Card. Terms and Condition applies. (Limited time only)

Seamless and Transparent Solutions

We Will Help Bring Visibility To Your Work


Traditional Bank Accounts

Minimum Deposit

Up to $1000


Fall Below Fees

Up to $35


Penalty Charges

Up to $18 per month