How Does It Work?

Key Eligibility

Local incorporated companies with at least 30% Singaporean shareholding
At least 6 months partnership with Partner
Private Limited (PTE LTD) and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

How to Apply?


Online Request & Data Consent

Fill in the online request form and disclaimer to give consent to INFT to request for data from Datapost for application.


Credit Review

Granted In-principle approval credit facility limit


Online Application

Simply sign up at INFT


Ready For Use

Submit invoices to finance your invoices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum term?

Up to 60 days

What is the advance rate?


What form of collateral is required?

Director(s) personal guarantee

What do I need to provide to sign up for the service?

You just need to provide:
1) Agreement
2) 3 months' bank statements
3) Photocopy of Identity Card or Passport for both shareholders and directors.
4) Credit Bureau Report (Dated within the last 2 months)

How much does it charges for Invoice Financing?

We only charge a facility fee of 3% of the approved invoice financing credit limit. Interest is at 1.7% per month. Late fee apply.

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