Pre-Approve Revolving Cashline Gives You The
Flexibility You Need

Pre-Approved Cashline Based on Transaction Records
No Documents Required
One-Click Access to Funds

How Does It Work?


Apply Now

Fill in the online form and disclaimer to give consent to INFT to request for data from Partner for application. You will receive an email on the status of your application.


Receive a Pre-Approved Cashline

Once approved, you will receive a cashline of up to 80% of 6 months transaction records, capped at $150,000, whichever is lower.


Request a Drawdown

Get funds fast & easy with 1 click



Convenient monthly repayment to INFT on INFT Platform

Key Eligibility

Local incorporated companies with at least 30% Singaporean shareholding
At least 6 months partnership with Partner
Private Limited (PTE LTD) and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

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