Visa Business Cards

One Card to Spend, Manage and Review efficiently and informed.
digital visa card on mobile app
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Your most reliable card

Spend and keep track of your expenses 24/7, 365 days.
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Seamless transaction with your teams

Allocate and top up your team members account for a seamless business operation.
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Retain card visibility and control

Set limits for all employees, plus custom rules for specific cases.
notification on payment to visa business card
variety of rewards from different vendors
easy digital top-up process with visa business card

Here's what our clients say

"Having an INFT account is an excellent alternative to a local bank account.  The app is intuitive, easy to use and the analytical tools provided also help to provide a clearer picture of spending patterns. The wide range of services provided meets my needs and has exceeded my expectations. As such, I highly recommend having an INFT account for SMEs."
-Victor Soh
Founder, Sky-I Pte Ltd
"INFT has made it so much easier for me to run my business. As a brand distributor for SEA for my Carnation Footcare Products , I always need to have standby stocks ready. In order to do that, I need to have cash at hand to pay a full amount upfront when I get the stocks from UK. I used INFT’s financing solution to get the cash at hand which helps to lighten my burden of cash flow for the growth of my business"
-Styles Chong
Founder, Okeanos

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