How INFT help SMEs

June 8, 2021

Multiple solutions to empower business owners

Many SMEs are battling on multiple fronts, and during this time their businesses are often marred by cash flow limitations, supply chain disruption, reduced demand, workers struggling with health issues, and customers changing their consumption and buying behaviours, among other things.

Combining a number of best-in-class financial solutions, including transaction banking and a one-stop digital ecosystem to manage company expenses, our approach at INFT is to empower under-served business owners to focus on their core business, while we do the rest - a convenient and 100% Digital Business Account, multiple virtual Visa Business Cards for you and your team, financing to address your business needs with a Business Cashline, International as well as Local Money Transfers that’s up to 8x cheaper than traditional banks, and a bird’s eye view on your team’s Spend Management.

Embracing digital from a single platform

INFT levels the playing field for businesses of any size to access efficient, transparent financial solutions – all from a single platform.

As technology changes every minute, it’s crucial to embrace, adopt or evolve with these changes to fast-track your business. And once the country started remote working in 2020, textile company owner Yee found in INFT a solution to keep track of his team, manage their expenses, and source his supplies from abroad. Now, he’s able to maintain maximum productivity levels and tighter control on his business purse strings, all from the comfort of his home.

For my business, I source textiles from as far as China, India and Indonesia, and that means I often need to transfer money to these suppliers in the quickest and cheapest way possible. Luckily INFT is cheaper than traditional banks, so I save as I transact, with tons of Visa offers. And nothing tops the convenience of having it at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime. I was worried about keeping an eye on my business while working remotely, but with the INFT Digital Business Account, you can easily manage it all and continue to grow your business - Yee.

A finance partner to sustain your business

Finding a reliable finance partner and accessing additional cash flow remains a concern for many business owners. And many face a harsh reality check when traditional lending seems out of reach.

Powered by Cash-IN-Asia, the INFT Business Cashline offers businesses a flexible funding solution to stay afloat amid the financial turmoil of our times and to address those pressing business needs like marketing and advertising spend to reach more customers, paying vendors and suppliers, hiring more staff, or acquiring improved technologies to accelerate business growth.

An INFT Business Cashline of SGD120000 recently helped Yee expand his textile business to Thailand and Malaysia: With INFT, the possibilities are endless. Just look at my phenomenal growth in such a short span of time. That tiny spark of an idea, and what seemed like an elusive dream to expand multi-nationally, was finally realised recently and I was able to hire additional staff members to handle the business in each of these markets. My business needs constantly change, so I opted for the fixed financing solution over 12 months; and the freedom it gives me to adapt as I go. The excitement is tangible – a whole new world awaits!

Lessons from entrepreneur to entrepreneur

We’re entrepreneurs too, so we understand the struggle of managing a business. Hence, we’ve set out to simplify INFT’s processes to boost financial inclusion. For instance, when you are onboarding for the INFT Digital Business Account, you automatically get a virtual Visa Business Card to use for online purchases, top up and pay with ease and you can even integrate it with Google Pay to Tap & Pay.

We understand the high costs of entrepreneurship - the process of starting, stabilising or expanding a business can keep overheads high. But we’re on a mission to keep costs to the absolute minimum, especially considering the growing global financial uncertainties. Here’s how: You never have to pay to sign up to INFT and no minimum deposit required. You’ll save on money transfers - globally to over 40 currencies in 180+ countries (at lower rates than banks); and move money conveniently to any local beneficiary – at absolutely no cost! You can also access special Visa offers for your business from vendors such as MS Office, Hootsuite, Google Ads, Shopify, and Lazada.

2020 was an unprecedented year for business owners. Many were forced to embrace digital with speed, to manage all systems remotely, and to put their trust in INFT to solve their business needs. Ultimately, this culminated in a renewed focus on the streamlined and centralised business solutions ecosystem optimising end-to-end processes for SMEs.

It’s time to kick-start your digital journey with INFT’s Digital Business Account. Manage your team, time and costs all within a single platform to reach your financial goals and drive your business forward!

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