Multi-User Access

Stay in control, in real time On-The-Go Access and Control Over Your Finances

Empower your team have different levels of access to your business account.

Keep your team informed and on track with the multi-user access on INFT's dashboard. Make it easy to onboard new team members and track their expenditure in real-time. Staying in control of the budget is now at your fingertips. Everyone from different levels of management and executive level can have clear visibility of expenditure, budgets, approval levels, and more. It's now easy to stay in control of business finances with real time delegration, monitoring, and scaling capabilities.
team icon for team empowerment

Scale Faster

Scale without restrictions with unlimited users, for free. Empower your team with the access they need.
settings icon on control over permission and risk

Reduce risk

Control permission and ensure that sensitive information stays confidential.
graph icon on increase of team productivity

Boost productivity

Employees and managers can focus on core tasks, without wasting time on laborious tasks.
connection between team member through the account
variety of user roles and permissions to cater to each team member
real time update on payment and activities

Multi-Layer Approval

Manage and control all company spending in one place. Track every pound, euro and dollar your company spends from purchase to ledger.

Remove tedious tasks like physical visits to the bank and lengthy paperwork with our seamless financial and accounting system. Assign roles and permission levels to your employees to ease business transactions. You save time by delegating the financial process to the right team members. It frees up your time to focus on scaling your business to its next level. There's transparency all around as you will receive a report of account activities as and when they happen.
mobile icon for easy control of payment approvals

Reduce risk

Control who spends with pre-payment approvals.

Streamline approvals

Decentralize spend control, define approval workflows, and keep complete visibility.
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Keep ahead of excess spend

Get access on real time insights and reports. Get one single source of truth.
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