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December 1, 2021

Improve your cash flow as a business owner with INFT invoice financing!

Improve your cash flow as a business owner with INFT invoice financing

Do your business operations regularly lack enough funds? Often find your business in a cash crunch before your customers' invoices are processed?

Don't wait to get paid!

Instantly increase your cash flow by tapping into your unpaid invoices.

Invoice financing is the solution to keep your business running smoothly without sacrificing business growth or having to take out a business loan.

As an SME business owner in Singapore, you are well aware that cash flow is the lifeblood of any business.

Even lucrative businesses can go bankrupt if there isn't enough working capital to go cover operational expenses.

Tap into the potential of the invoice value to advance the working capital for your business in Singapore!

INFT is the go-to factoring company in Singapore for all your small business financing needs.

Your ideal business operations goals are within reach with invoice financing.

Open an INFT account today to achieve greater cash flow for your SME in Singapore!

How Invoice Financing with INFT Helps SMEs Singapore


Consistent cash flow

Did you know that a lack of adequate working capital is one of the main reasons a small business fails?

Accounts receivable can lock up funds, making cash flow tight right when your business needs it most.

But what can you do about pending payments?

You feel like you have no choice but to struggle to keep your company afloat until your customers pay their invoice amount.

Solve your cash flow problems with INFT's invoice financing solutions!

Invoice financing is the perfect option for business owners who need additional financing to satisfy business needs while waiting for payment.

With cash flow not being an issue, you can also explore opportunities to get ahead of your competitors!

Short-Term Financing

Quick Short-Term Financing Solutions

Getting an approved loan application in Singapore can be a hassle for many businesses.

SMEs in particular struggle to meet banks' strict basic criteria and the exorbitant fees involved: high interest rates, great collateral requirements, the list goes on.

But there's a better solution out there than a business loan.

Get your working capital quick with INFT's invoice financing solutions!

We provide invoice financing as a less complicated alternative to typical lenders because we understand the challenges you face as a small business owner in Singapore.

What's better?

After your invoice financing application process has been approved, the funding you need will only need a few days to be reflected in your INFT account!

Take advantage of business opportunities with instantly improved business cash flow, courtesy of INFT.

Create an account today to enjoy the INFT experience

Take advantage of business opportunities today with invoice financing.

  • Quick and easy cash flow for SMEs in Singapore.
  • No collateral needed!

At INFT, we provide our customers with faster and more secure invoice financing services to serve your business needs.

Furthermore, our application process is entirely online and requires no paperwork.

Begin today invoice factoring today by creating a free account!

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Invoice Financing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is invoice financing?

Invoice financing, also known as invoice factoring, is an alternative type of financial services to a standard business loan.

These short-term loans are issued by invoice sellers, such as banks and private financiers, who advance your unpaid invoices for quick access to cash flow.

Simply put, invoice financing enables companies to finance accounts receivable in advance of due payments.

Once your application process is approved, you can advance between 70% and 90% of the whole billed amount via invoice financing.

This enables SMEs and enterprises to obtain cash virtually immediately.

Thus, this allows you to improve working capital that would otherwise be locked in unpaid invoices.

It is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative for SMEs that require quick, short-term capital injection.

Try out invoice factoring today for consistent financing that allows you to pay your staff, suppliers, and reinvest in business operations and growth rather than waiting for customers to pay their invoices in full.

What is invoice discounting?

Invoice discounting is less commonly practised than invoice factoring.

The main difference between invoice discounting and invoice financing is that the former allows you to keep possession of your invoices.

Once you've invoiced your clients, you can send the slips to your preferred factoring company.

The lender will determine a final percentage of the total invoiced amount that you will be able to borrow. It will be given to you as a lump-sum payment or following normal credit terms.

After your clients have paid the invoices, you can refund the loan you were given back to the factoring company, along with any accrued interest fees.

How does invoice financing work with INFT?

This method for improved cash flow is quite straightforward.

You don't have to worry about any heavy invoice financing work!

To begin the invoice financing process, SMEs submit their verified invoices to INFT after invoicing their customers.

These invoices are recognised as collateral, and you will be eligible for a portion of the total billed amount as an advance.

INFT then pays the SME up to 80% of the invoice amount once approved.

Get an instant working capital upgrade with unpaid invoices that you already have!

Instead of paying you, your clients will have to pay the factoring company.

When the payment deadline approaches, we will collect the invoice amount directly from your customer before paying you the remaining 20% of the invoice value.

Do note that we will deduct a factoring fee and any processing fees that apply to the remaining invoice amount.

If you have any further questions about invoice financing and how it works, please contact our support team.

How do I become eligible for invoice financing in Singapore?

It's best if your business offers products or services on normal credit terms and your invoices are for completely delivered items or fully rendered services.

In order to take full advantage of invoice financing, your company should ideally offer payment terms of 30 to 120 days.

Generally, to be eligible for invoice financing in Singapore, your SME business must

  • be registered with ACRA
  • have at least a two-year working history,
  • and have a minimum annual income of SGD 500,000.

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