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December 1, 2021

Grow your business with INFT's Business Cash Line

You Can Grow Your SME Business Now with a Quick Injection of SME Working Capital.

Need an SME working capital loan?

Powered by Cash IN Asia, INFT's very own in-house financing firm.

Business Cash Line is an SME business loan that aims to fill the financial gap SMEs and startups often face.

INFT believes that every small business deserves a better financial future.

Existing loans in Singapore can be harsh to a fledgling SME business owner, especially with high interest rates and lengthy loan approval times.

What your business needs instead - a fast and efficient way to get your business plan back on track.

Boost your business growth today with our simple and easy application process for your Cash Line!

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Why Short-Term Working Capital Injection is Important for Small Businesses

People focus on large established businesses, the ones that make the news, the ones that won awards. 

But small businesses, even the mom-and-pop shops at the street corner, are the ones that make the economy tick. 

These small businesses are the ones that provide opportunities to the ones who need them most...the working class. They create meaningful jobs with greater job satisfaction. If we looked at it objectively, many more financial institutions should pay close attention to their sustainability and growth, offering them a lending hand when they need it most. 

And that's because they tend to be the very bedrock of the community and foster local economies. 

In the grand scheme of things, these overlooked neighbourhoods and communities are the very reason why our country is thriving. 

Business Financing Is Tough For Small Businesses

Sourcing affordable SME working capital for these underserved communities is a tough business. The long-drawn processes, especially for those with a poor credit rating or no financial history, is daunting. 

Traditional lending institutions would not reveal how they value your company but there is, generally speaking, no minimum credit score you must have to qualify for a business loan. They do, however, have a range they usually consider 'acceptable'. 

If a small business or SME have a low credit score and no collateral to offer, chances are, you're off the grid. 

This is why many SMEs who are looking for a small injection of working capital should consider alternative loans. 

Here are some of the alternative funding to consider if this applies to you. 

  • Get working capital from progressive Fintech companies like INFT where we actively offer SME business loans to small companies without requiring collateral. 
  • Venture capitalists can be found through networking events. They provide funding, connections, and guidance as to how you can realise the full potential of your business.
  • Angel investors don't really ask for much in return for the loan they offer you. But they do need to have the assurance that your business strategy aligns with their professional and personal objectives.

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How Business Cash Line Helps SMEs in Singapore

Government-assisted business loans like the SME Working Capital Loan and Temporary Bridging Loan can sideline enterprises that are just starting out.

INFT provides alternate financing options for any new business that allows receipt of your loan earlier, without the strict guidelines of other lenders.

Up to $150,000 Business Loan

Our lending solution offers business owners a Cash Line of up to S$150k to address their most pressing financial needs.

Easy Application through MyInfo Business

Minimal documents required. Our easy onboarding takes only 3 minutes via the Singapore Government’s MyInfo Business. Applying for a business term loan has never been quicker!

Fast Cash Disbursement upon Successful Application

Once your application is approved, you can start spending your business loan amount in as little as 3 business hours.

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Business Loans Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an SME Loan?

An SME loan is a business loan granted to small-to-medium enterprises for commercial reasons.

There are many different types of business loans: some are available for any company purpose (such as a temporary bridging loan or unsecured loans), while others are tailored to specific business needs (such as machinery/equipment financing or property loans).

There are even specific SME loans for startups!

That means you need to get familiar with the variety of loans out there in Singapore and their respective stipulations, such as :

-interest rate
-loan tenure
-credit assessment
-annual turnover

But isn't that way too many different banks and loan options to keep track of?

Keep things easy with INFT Business Cash Line instead for a no-frills solution to easing cash flow!

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Why Might My Business Loan Be Unsuccessful?

Sometimes, despite all the odds, your business loan application may still be rejected. Unfortunately, you won't even know until after the application process, which may take weeks!

When applying for SME loans, these are several potential factors that could be preventing your loan from getting approved.

Track Record

Obtaining SME business loans as a startup can be quite difficult.

To qualify, providers usually require a stellar track record from your business:

-Businesses need to be operating for at least 6 months
-Verification of your annual revenue

Business Ownership

It may be more difficult to obtain a business loan if you do not have enough Singaporean/PR shareholders.

Government-assisted business financing is open only to :

-Businesses registered in and present in Singapore
-At least 30% owned by Singaporeans/PRs

Credit Rating

If you have a bad credit score, traditional banks and other financial institutions may refuse your application.

Banks will distrust your ability to repay your loan if you have trouble paying off your credit cards.

Even though it's for a company loan, your personal credit score impacts the application process when applying for a business loan.

INFT sets ourselves apart with Business Cash Line: instant, straightforward funding for your SME!

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