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A Simpler & Better Way to Manage,
Measure, Access, and Perform Online Transactions for your Business.

Supply Chain Financing

A short-term financing that helps suppliers
get paid faster, and give buyers flexible
financing options.
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Business Financing

Access funds easily, top up your account,
and free up your cash flow
with our Cashline.
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-Pritom Rani, VP Sales, Cobalt

Buy Now Pay Later

Offer your customers a more flexible payment method while you increase sales volumes and conserve
available resources.
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ANEXT Bank partners with IN Financial Technologies, Bizmann

04 NOV, 2022
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Ant digital bank expands in Singapore with small
business loans

03 NOV, 2022
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INFT Group Acquires MyCash, to Provide End-to-End Financial Services to SMEs

02 MAR, 2022
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Singapore’s IN Financial Technologies Debuts BNPL Service for SMBs

25 JAN, 2022
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Entrepreneurs Empowering Entrepreneurs

“Having an INFT account is a great alternative to other bank accounts. INFT Apps are really useful and would like to have one or two more accounts on INFT in my other similar business.

- Mr Nagane
(Founder, Mihiro Limited.)
"Having an INFT account is an excellent alternative to a local bank account. The app is intuitive, easy to use and the analytical tools provided also help to provide a clearer picture of spending patterns. The wide range of services provided meets my needs and has exceeded my expectations. As such, I highly recommend having an INFT account for SMEs."

-Victor Soh
Founder, Sky-I Pte Ltd
“I’m amazed by INFT (powered by Cash in Asia)’s fast approval and funds disbursement process. Which can be done within the day itself. Furthermore with their mobile app, it is very user-friendly and convenient. Now, I can fully concentrate on generating more income for my business. In summary,  I am truly satisfied with INFT (powered by Cash in Asia)’s reliability and their responsiveness.”

-Miss Xinying, Director Equipment Services

Complete Visibility,
Control, Security,
and Reporting

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Transparency &
Real-Time Reporting

Your account and transaction
is visible in real-time. Your
requests, payments, and outstanding
amounts are real-time reflections.

Seamless & Secure

We use bank-grade security encryption that allows you to monitor who is logged into your account at any point in time. Customer privacy
is of utmost importance to us and we commit ourselves to protecting your data at all point.
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