Credit Card to Cash

The Smartest Financial Solution for Cash Flow Efficiency
Extend your cash flow by paying your business expenditure with your credit card

Top up INFT Business Account with Credit Card

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to top up your digital account with your credit card
top up your digital account with your credit card
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Optimise cash on hand

Make full use of the resources at hand to get more things done! Save time and improve your business cash flow under one account for invoices, daily business expenses, utilities, wages, taxes or anything else that comes up.
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Flexible payment terms

It gives you the flexibility to decide on the preferred payment terms with suppliers. The result? More favourable pricing from your suppliers when you make payment on time without defaulting
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Extended payment terms

By topping up your INFT digital account with your credit card, you simplify the process and extend your payment terms.
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