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If you’re a business owner, consider accepting crypto as payment for your goods or services. This can attract a broader customer base, especially among tech-savvy consumers. Enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency payments without holding or converting crypto, with zero volatility and next-day bank settlement. At the INFT platform, you can collect your crypto payment in ETH, BTC, USDT & USDC and seamlessly transfer to your INFT Virtual Account in local currency.  
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Get Paid in Crypto

Accept Crypto Payments online, through the INFT
platform, email invoicing, or in-store. Get settled in fiat within the next business day, volatility-free. INFT platform offers next-day deposits to its virtual account.  
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Pay Your Suppliers in Crypto

Deposit in fiat and send Crypto to vendors, freelancers, content creators, suppliers, and sellers globally. You can save on both FX commission and transfer fees by sending Crypto. It also can help you save on transaction time, as our crypto playouts are always on time.  

Cryptocurrency is not merely confined to digital transactions; it’s a revolutionary financial ecosystem with many advantages. With its distinct features, more and more people are contemplating whether they should start getting paid in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. This burgeoning interest is not without reason. Here are the primary reasons one might consider this alternative form of payment.

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