Better Cash Flow with
INFT’s Supply Chain

INFT’s Supply Chain Financing is a type of supplier finance solution that benefits everyone. INFT will pay you early, giving you critical liquidity. Your buyers will then pay INFT in line with your payment terms, preserving your financial health. Our super platform helps businesses improve cash flow, save time and automate finance processes.

INFT’s supply chain financing solutions were designed for suppliers of all sizes achieve their goals. You get speedy payment, freeing up your working capital.

Supply chain financing facilities import and export activities as well so that you can run your business with peace of mind.

End-to-End Supply
Chain Solutions

Invoice Factoring
Switch from negotiation to collaboration.
Eliminate cash flow problems with certainty while strengthening the relationship with your suppliers.
Business Cashline
Sign up for microloans in Singapore to expand your business or reach new markets. Use online accounting and invoicing tools, with 24/7 access from anywhere.
Buy Now Pay Later for Businesses
Increase sales volume by offering BNPL to your customers. Efficient, zero interest rate, and cost-effective plug-and-play PayLater option for businesses.
Set and track organization to individual-level goals
Monitor timelines and match them against departments
View all your data in one place at the same time
Make real-time decisions
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No More Tight Cash Flow.
Get Paid Swiftly

The main objective of Supply Chain Financing is to help companies like yours free up your cash flow and establish a good relationship with your buyers. When you sign up for our supply chain financing, the manufacturer gets paid upfront for products delivered while the distributor signs on for a monthly repayment scheme. The supply chain finance will sit at the center of your global working capital strategy.

INFT’s supply chain solutions helps you manage business and maintain a good relationship with your customers and partners. With our supply chain financing facility, you can enter under penetrated markets, limit delinquency, focus your working capital on running or improving your business, and encourage repeat business.

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Supply Chain Financing
Helps Corporates Grow

Improved Working
Capital for Corporates

Invoice factoring with INFT frees
up your cash flow so that you can easily
pay for business expenditure. We move away from traditional evaluation and require no collateral to work closely with
you to offer you the best supply chain financing for your business.

Essential Financial
Solutions for those
in the Supply Chain

INFT offers pivotal financial solutions suitable for a wide range of companies within the supply chain. The dynamic cash flow support is deployed to digitise the infrastructure for optimum impact.

Use of Alternate
Data for Evaluation

While banks and financial institutions use traditional methodologies for evaluation, INFT uses alternate data instead. The result is that some banks are reluctant to offer assistance to small and medium businesses. Not so with INFT.

Better Relationships
& Network

Building strong relationships with suppliers means thinking about procurement, better purchase agreements and contracts. Supply Chain Financing gives suppliers and buyers cash flow support.

Our Main Features

An Ever-Evolving Financial
Platform that helps you…


Free up your cash flow with
a customer-centric SME micro loan of up to $150,000. Easy and fast application, approval, & disbursement.

Global Payment

Pay and receive money in over 57 currencies in 180+ countries from anywhere in the world with INFT. Seamless borderless payments, corporate cards, and expense management system.
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Smarter invoicing means
having the ability to create and send branded invoices online with just a few clicks. A real-
time overview of all your transactions in one platform.
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Convert Credit
Card to Cash

Use your credit cards to pay for anything from invoices and other recurring payments. Make or collect payment digitally with your credit card where cards are not traditionally accepted.
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A Simpler & Better Way to Manage,
Measure, Access, and Perform Online Transactions for your Business.

Entrepreneurs Empowering Entrepreneurs

“Having an INFT account is a great alternative to other bank accounts. INFT Apps are really useful and would like to have one or two more accounts on INFT in my other similar business.

- Mr Nagane
(Founder, Mihiro Limited.)
"Having an INFT account is an excellent alternative to a local bank account. The app is intuitive, easy to use and the analytical tools provided also help to provide a clearer picture of spending patterns. The wide range of services provided meets my needs and has exceeded my expectations. As such, I highly recommend having an INFT account for SMEs."

-Victor Soh
Founder, Sky-I Pte Ltd
“I’m amazed by INFT (powered by Cash in Asia)’s fast approval and funds disbursement process. Which can be done within the day itself. Furthermore with their mobile app, it is very user-friendly and convenient. Now, I can fully concentrate on generating more income for my business. In summary,  I am truly satisfied with INFT (powered by Cash in Asia)’s reliability and their responsiveness.”

-Miss Xinying, Director Equipment Services

Complete Visibility,
Control, Security,
and Reporting

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Transparency &
Real-Time Reporting

Your account and transaction is visible in real-time. Your requests, payments, and outstanding amounts are real-time reflections.

Seamless & Secure

We use bank-grade security encryption that allows you to monitor who is logged into your account at any point in time. Customer privacy
is of utmost importance to us and
we commit ourselves to protecting your data at all point.

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Regulated by MAS as Standard Payment Institution under License No. PS20200483.

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Capital Market Services License (CMS-100568-1) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

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